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What is Power Carving?

Power Carving is English and describes carving (usually with wood) using electric tools, such as the angle grinder. The “power” stands for the tools powered by electric current and the “carving” for the carving, milling or grinding work.

Power Carving is enjoying increasing popularity and is, if you like, the entry or the precursor to Chainsaw Carving, i.e. carving with a chain saw. Good projects for power carving include bowls or similar vessels, small furniture and decorations or small to medium wooden figures.

Power Carving describes the shop’s assortment very well, because here you will find many tools, adapters and attachments for woodworking with the angle grinder and other electrical tools.

Tool and safety

The vast majority of tools in the shop are designed for woodworking, but most also work on other soft materials such as rubber, foam, soapstone, polystyrene, fiberglass plastics and polycarbonate. Some tools are even partially suitable for aluminium processing or also stand back embedded screws and nails.

There are a number of measures that we consider important and sensible.

  • First, the workpiece should be secured against slipping or tilting so that both hands can remain on the device.

  • Protective devices on the devices (such as the hand protection on the angle grinder) should not be removed.

  • Although the devices are often described as one-handed angle grinders, we strongly advise to operate the device with both hands, so make sure that no hand can get close to the rotating and milling parts and that the tool is safely in the hands.

  • Personal protective equipment should in any case include goggles and hearing protection

  • We also recommend wearing gloves that protect against the strong chip throwing of some of our tools.

  • We also recommend a dust protection mask, as some of our tools cause high dust generation on certain materials.

If you have purchased your electrical tools, such as the angle grinder or the straight grinder in the EU, then it is quite certain that the items from our shop should fit on the equipment. Please read the item description before purchasing. The also says which devices the item fits.

If it is still not possible to determine whether the discs and cutters fit, please contact us by phone or email.

The tool life is difficult to determine on a flat-rate basis. However, we can say from experience that you save significantly on the service life compared to conventional abrasives, especially if you work a lot with fresh woods

In addition to the long service life, the improved machining of the workpieces with the discs and cutters is also a criterion for the economic balance of our articles compared to conventional means.


We ship worldwide, of course with staggered shipping costs. For more information on shipping costs and payment methods, see “Payment and Shipping”

The processing time of the orders is usually 1 to a maximum of 3 working days

During the holiday period, there may of course be delays in processing.

If you have found an item that you like, add it to your shopping cart using the shopping cart icon. As soon as you have all the items you want in your shopping cart, confirm the order by clicking on “checkout”. In the next step, you enter your billing address and, if applicable, a different delivery address. In the last step, you can choose a payment method. You can choose between PayPal, Amazon Pay and bank transfer. Depending on the payment method, the next steps will be different. With the payment method “Bank transfer” you will receive an order confirmation with the payment information. As soon as the payment receipt has been registered, the order will be shipped.

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail upon receipt of your order, and you will receive another email upon receipt of payment and dispatch of your order. In addition, you will receive shipping information and tracking number by email.

You do not need to be logged in and do not have an account with us to order. However, we recommend creating an account so that you can manage your orders and create future orders faster.

Orders that have already been placed can be changed or cancelled by phone or email.

Orders that have already been shipped can be returned within 14 days of receipt without giving reasons. The return costs are borne by the buyer.

You can also read more about this in the “Revocation” section

You can choose between PayPal, Amazon Pay and bank transfer. For regular customers with more than one order that has already completed, the option of payment on account is also available.

There are no additional costs or fees incurred as part of the order within the online shop.

Please check if there are any costs for importing the order to your destination country.

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