Air respirator JSP Powercap Active


Battery powered active respirator with protective cap and visor protection.

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The JSP Powercap Active is respected further respiratory protection. The active ventilation of the Powercap eliminates the respiratory resistance, which must be applied with conventional respiratory protection. This makes breathing much easier even in stressful situations. The ventilation also ensures that the visor can not fog up from the inside. Another plus point of the Powercap is the full face protection and the protective cap. There is no need to be afraid of flying chips or pieces of wood that could hit you in the face or on the head anymore. The battery allows up to 8 hours of uninterrupted working time.

Powered Air – Respiratory protection to EN12941:1988 TH1P. Assigned Protection Factor 10 (UK classification) equivalent to an EN149 FFP2. Mask gives a cooling, comfortable supply of filtered air at 160 litres per minute eliminating breathing resistance and visor misting.

Bump Cap Head Protection – The cap uses JSP Hardcap A1+™ bump cap technology, exceeding the A1 version of EN812. The cap is also easily removable and machine washable for hygiene purposes thanks to the patented connection mechanism of the cap and visor.

IMPACT FACE PROTECTION– PowerCap® Active ™ IP provides eye protection to EN166.1.B. Ideal for environments where there is a risk of flying particles.

CHARGING STATION– each battery lasts 8 hours. One can be loaded while the other is in use. The batteries can also be charged without removing them from the cap. The whole device can simply be placed on the charging station and charged overnight.

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